Health Benefits

Tahini is Great…and Good for You Too!!

Tahini is a living treasure, a healthy food that is also delicious and versatile, an important part of many dishes, yet excellent on its own.

Healthy source of amino acids, vitamins, and essential acids, tahini is one of the few, “Perfect Foods” – easy to digest, and long associated with stamina, endurance and peak performance.

Did You Know?

Tahini contains as much protein as milk, yogurt, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, soya, sunflower, wheat germ, legumes and pecan nuts.

Tahini is the best food source of Calcium. Unlike milk, Tahini is not mucus forming. Tahini also provides other important minerals including Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium.

Tahini is one of the best sources of Methionine (an essential amino acid).

Tahini contains natural lecithin, which reduces blood fat levels and provides protection from environmental pollutants such as nicotine.

Tahini provides substantial amounts of many vitamins, including Vitamin E, which slows aging of body cells and helps maintain proper focusing of the eyes.

Tahini is also one of the best sources of Vitamin T (very few foods are). Vitamin T improves memory and concentration and, in combination with the Phosphorous also present in Tahini, provides a potent brain and nerve food. Vitamin T also combines with the Iron in Tahini to help purify blood.

Vitamin F is another essential vitamin found in Tahini. It is essential for enabling our bodies to transfer Oxygen.

Vitamin F helps combine protein and cholesterol, creating collagen, which in turn combats cholesterol particles. The result, a cleaner, healthier body.

Vitamin A is also well supplied as are the B group vitamins, in particular Vitamin B3.

Tahini is easily digested within 30 minutes, providing a quick supply of essential nutrients.